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Matcha JP

Black Raku Matcha tea bowl Fujisan Fujiyama Mt-Fuji Shoraku Sasaki

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It is a bowl for Matcha.
Made by Japanese pottery Shoraku Sasaki.  

【Cautions when using】
Please do not use except for drinking Matcha.
Detergent can not be used.
Please wash with warm water after use and dry in a well-ventilated place.
Rakuyaki is a soft pottery made of rough soil.
Therefore, the hot water may seep out.

Soak in water or lukewarm water before use.
Soak in a new bowl for a minute or two, or a familiar bowl for about 30 seconds.
This will also keep the bowl clean and prevent it from breaking.

H 8.3cm x W 11.5cm x L 11.5cm