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About MatchaJP

MatchaJp is operated by Houkouen Co., Ltd.
We have been selling matcha and tea utensils in Japan for about 100 years.
In addition to tea ceremony, we sell handmade items in cooperation with many artisans.
We would like to deliver traditional Japanese technology to everyone in the world.

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  • How to choose matcha

    How to choose matcha
    This page briefly explains how to choose Matcha for food processing.

    How to choose matcha

  • About Matcha tea powder for Food

    The matcha boom has created many dishes and sweets using matcha all over the world.
    However, on the other hand, matcha, which has problems with quality, flavor and safety, is used all over the world.
    We sell safe and famous Japanese high quality brand Matcha


Matcha Base Powder

We have begun to sell "Matcha Base Powder" that can make more than 10 kinds of authentic high-class Uji matcha menus for kitchens such as restaurants and cafes.

Consists of tea Ceremonial grade matcha and Japanese sugar.

Recipes are also available, so please use them.

Very useful for making a matcha menu in your shop.

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