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Due to the movement of Japanese holidays due to the influence of the Olympics, Japan has become a long holiday.As a result, the matcha factory is also closed, so delivery will be delayed. The next delivery date will be July 27th.We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.
With DHL contract, we can ship to USA, Canada and Australia.
Thank you for waiting for a long time.
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Hojicha powder made by Matcha factory

Houjicha powder page

Matcha Base powder

Matcha Base powder page

This set sells well in Japan also

Matcha ceremony set

About delivery and shipping cost

About delivery and shipping cost

About Matcha tea powder for Food

Matcha Powder for food

About MatchaJP(HOUKOUEN)

MatchaJp is operated by Houkouen Co., Ltd.

We have been selling matcha and tea utensils in Japan for about 100 years.

In addition to tea ceremony, we sell handmade items in cooperation with many artisans.

We would like to deliver traditional Japanese technology to everyone in the world.



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Business day(Japan time) Monday~Friday

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If you have any questions, please contact this email address.

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