How to make matcha



How to make matcha (Thin tea)


what to prepare

·Matcha powder
·Matcha bowl
·Bamboo Tea whisk
·Hot water



1.Pour half a scoop of matcha (1.5g to 2g) into a matcha bowl. At this time, sieving with a sieve or tea strainer will prevent lumps and make it easier to brew.



2.Slowly pour about 70cc of hot water at 80°C into a warm matchabowl.




3.Stir quickly up and down for about 15 seconds with a bamboo whisk in an m-shaped motion. When the bubbles are well formed, use the tip of the tea whisk to adjust the bubbles and you are done.



How to make cold matcha

1. Put 1/2 to 2 scoops (2g) of matcha in a bowl. If you sift the matcha with amatcha sieve or tea strainer, it will be less lumpy and easier to brew.
2. Pour a small amount of lukewarm water and knead with a bamboo whisk. Warming the tea whisk with hot water makes it supple, easier to serve, and less prone to damage.
3.After kneading well without lumps, pour cold water (30cc to 40cc) and stir quickly up and down for about 15 seconds with a tea whisk like drawing the letter “m”.
4.Top with ice and voila!
The time is right when the ice melts a little.
It is recommended to make it a little darker.