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Matcha JP

Matcha tea powder for food Premium Culinary Grade A 1kg pack

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Origin: Uji tea fields, Japan
Ingredients: green tea powder
Shelf life: 8-10 months 
Net weight:1000gramv

This product contains no artificial additives. 

It is Matcha for food processing of Yamamasa Koyamaen, a long-established store in Kyoto.
It is the highest among Matcha for food processing and it is used in restaurants and others. 

Yamamasa Koyamaen
Koyamaen is the most famous Japanese green tea factory.
Koyamaen is a traditional stone mill that produces Matcha.
It has a long history in Japan and high reliability

【Difference in grade】
The difference in grade depends on the difference in manufacturing and tea leaves. 
Therefore, flavor, umami, color are different.

【About Grade A】
Grade A is the highest for food processing.
Please use for high class food.
From Makinoshiro is the grade of the tea ceremony.
Of course, you can also use the tea ceremony grade for food.

Use applications
・Food in restaurant
Premium ice cream
・Sponge bread

・Many types of sweets

Matcha tea powder for food Premium Culinary Grade A 

Matcha sieve
Matcha tea tends to go lumpy due to static electricity due to drying.
If you use Matcha sieve, it returns to powder form.
And you can keep it in the refrigerator as it is.
Matcha sieve is a necessity of Matcha. 


About Yamamasa-Koyamaen

Yamamasa-Koyamaen is a long-established Matcha tea maker of Kyoto Uji.

It is one of the most famous and trustworthy brands of Matcha for tea ceremony.
Founded in the early Edo period about 400 years ago.
It has been highly appreciated as a brand of tea ceremony powdered green tea with trust and achievements from long ago.

At Koyamaen are making Matcha by  traditional manufacturing method.

Koyamaen's Matcha is made with valuable stone mills handmade by a few craftsmen in Japan.

It is a secret to make delicious matcha green tea powder.



The city of Uji in Kyoto is famous as the place of production of matcha in Japan.

The reason that Uji City became famous as a tea production area is because the climate and temperature were suitable for the cultivation of tea.

Uji city has annual rainfall of 1300 mm or more, temperature difference and temperature difference are intense, and it is suitable for high-grade tea growing.

Kyoto has also been in the center of Japan since ancient times, the tea ceremony culture has developed
Its history has increased the tea brand of Uji City.