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Koyamaen Matcha Base Powder 1kilogram pack New item

Koyamaen Matcha Base Powder 1kilogram pack New item

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Product details

- Product name : Macha Base Powder

- Net weight : 1000g

- Raw materials : Macha powder,sugar

- Origin : JAPAN

- Manufacturer : YAMAMASA-KOYAMAEN

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matcha soda
matcha chocolate

Product name:Matcha base powder
Uji tea fields, Japan
Ingredients: Sugar,Matcha tea powder (Ceremonial Grade) 
Shelf life: 8 months
Net weight:1000gram pack

We have begun to sell "Matcha Base Powder" that can make more than 10 kinds of authentic high-class Uji matcha menus for kitchens such as restaurants and cafes.

hot matcha latte

Hot Matcha Latte

Matcha Liquid40cc

1.Pour milk into a small pan and heat
2.Pour matcha liquid and mix well
3.Pour into a cup and cover with frothed milk.

A bit of contrivance.
If you make it with soymilk, it becomes soymilk latte.
Warming matcha liquid and milk with steam will make cooking easier.
Add 1 tablespoon brown sugar to become brown sugar matcha latte.
matcha latte

Ice Matcha Latte

Matcha Liquid30cc

1.Pour matcha liquid into a glass and put in ice
2.Slowly pour milk

A bit of contrivance.
If you pour the Matcha liquid on the side of the glass, you will get a marbled Matcha latte.
Add tapioca or black honey to make it a popular drink!



matcha soda

Matcha Soda

Matcha Liquid 15cc
carbonated water 150cc
gum syrop 20cc

1.Pour matcha liquid into a glass and put in ice
2Pour carbonated water and gum syrup

A bit of contrivance.
Adult taste without gum syrup.
Lemon juice and slices are also recommended
It is also a good idea to provide the liquid and carbonated water separately and
have the customer fill them in by themselves.
Matcha milkshake

Matcha Milkshake

Matcha Liquid 30cc
Milk 100cc
Egg yolk 1

1.Put ingredients in juicer
2.Stir well and pour into a glass of ice

A bit of contrivance.
Add a little vanilla essence to make it more mellow.
Two layers will give a more beautiful look.

Matcha jelly

Matcha Jelly

Matcha Liquid 20cc
Gelatin 2.5g
Hot water (80℃) 100cc
Water 50cc

1.Melt the gelatin with hot water and mix with the Matcha liquid
2.Mix 1 with water and wait 60 minutes in the refrigerator

A bit of contrivance.
Set the glass diagonally.
The picture shows two layers with matcha smoothie.
The color is beautiful when hardened with agar


Green tea

Green Tea

Matcha Liquid 15cc
Cold Water 150cc
Gum syrop 20cc

1.Pour matcha liquid into a glass and put in ice.
2.Add cold water and gum syrup.

A bit of contrivance.
Adult taste without gum syrup.
Lemon juice and slices are also recommended.


Matcha chocolate tea

Matcha Chocolate Tea

Matcha Liquid 40cc
Milk 100cc
White chocolate sauce 2 teaspoons

1.Pour Matcha Liquid into a small pot.
2.Add milk and white chocolate sauce to 1 and mix well.
3.Pour into a cup and pour whipped milk on top of it .

A bit of contrivance.
Topped with crushed chocolate.

About Yamamasa-Koyamaen

Yamamasa-Koyamaen is a long-established Matcha tea maker of Kyoto Uji.

It is one of the most famous and trustworthy brands of Matcha for tea ceremony.
Founded in the early Edo period about 400 years ago.
It has been highly appreciated as a brand of tea ceremony powdered green tea with trust and achievements from long ago.

At Koyamaen are making Matcha by  traditional manufacturing method.

Koyamaen's Matcha is made with valuable stone mills handmade by a few craftsmen in Japan.

It is a secret to make delicious matcha green tea powder.

   Yamamasa-Koyamaen Yamamasa-Koyamaen

The city of Uji in Kyoto is famous as the place of production of matcha in Japan.

The reason that Uji City became famous as a tea production area is because the climate and temperature were suitable for the cultivation of tea.

Uji city has annual rainfall of 1300 mm or more, temperature difference and temperature difference are intense, and it is suitable for high-grade tea growing.

Kyoto has also been in the center of Japan since ancient times, the tea ceremony culture has developed
Its history has increased the tea brand of Uji City.

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