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Houjicha roasted green tea powder Bitter or Rich Yamamasa-Koyamaen

Houjicha roasted green tea powder Bitter or Rich Yamamasa-Koyamaen

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[About HOUJICHA roasted green tea]

Hojicha, as the name implies, refers to tea that has been roasted (roasted).
By roasting the tea leaves over high heat, this tea brings out its unique aroma and taste.

The characteristics of hojicha are reflected in its appearance, aroma, and taste. One of the attractions is that roasting reduces caffeine, bitterness and astringency, which some people consider to be the disadvantages of bancha.


This product is a roasted tea powder for sweets and drinks.

A long-established matcha factory in Japan uses carefully selected tea leaves for the tea ceremony.
Helps create a full-fledged roasted tea menu in your shop. 

[Product Detail]
Product name:Houjicha tea powder
Origin: Uji tea fields, Japan
Ingredients: green tea Uji 100%
Shelf life: 8 months
Net weight:100gram pack
This product contains no artificial additives.

What is Hojicha
Hojicha is a type of Japanese green tea that is made by roasting tea leaves for drinking. Hojicha has a unique fragrance, has little bitterness and astringency, and has a Light taste. Since it is roasted, it has less caffeine than green tea. It is a stomach-friendly drink, and is often taken in Japan during or after meals. The unique aroma and taste of Hojicha goes well with sweets, and there are many Hojicha flavored sweets in Japan.

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