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Matcha Tea Ceremony Elementary set 5tools Saxony blue bowl

Matcha Tea Ceremony Elementary set 5tools Saxony blue bowl

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It is a basic set for making Matcha.
If you have this set, you can easily make Matcha at home.
Relax and enjoy full-fledged japanese matcha green tea. 


Set details

・Matcha bowl Mino ware (Made in Japan)
・Chasen (Tea whisk)
SYUTIKUEN(Made in CHINA) or Teawhisk traditional craftsman Yasaburo Tanimura's work(Made in Japan)

・Tea whisk holder(Made in Japan)
・Chasyaku (Tea spoon)(Made in Japan)

・Matcha powder 20g can Made by Hoshinoen from Fukuoka Japan. (Made in Japan)


 【How to drink Matcha】
1. Warm up the matcha bowl with warm water.
Then empty the bowl and dry it with a hemp-cloth.

2. Stir about 2g* of matcha into the bowl with teascoop.
*1.5~2 heaped teascoops of matcha is about 2g.
Using a strainer is better to make tea.

3. Pour 60-70ml of about 80-90℃ water into the bowl, make tea with the whisk. First beat the bottom of matcha, next beat all of them using your wrist.

4. Finish!
When you Finely beat matcha, the taste is creamy and smooth. When you easily beat it, you can feel more the matcha flavor.
Enjoy your matcha tea time!




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