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Matcha JP

Matcha powder ceremonial grade Hoshino-Seichaen「Hoshinotsuyu」100 gram

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Introduction of "Hoshinotsuyu"
"Hoshinotsuyu" is the best matcha for thin tea that you can easily use at home or for tea lessons.
It may be better to use "Ikenoshiro" for tea ceremony and "Hoshinotsuyu" for tea lessons.
"Hoshinotsuyu" has a good balance of umami, soft bitterness, and fragrant matcha flavor, and goes well with sweets.
In summer, shake it with a shaker and drink it as delicious as cold matcha.

♦ product name: Matcha tea powder 「Hoshinotsuyu」
♦ Net weight: 100 g
♦ ingredients: green tea (Japan)
♦ shelf life: unopened at about 6 months
♦ packing: packed in a can

Please save the * open cans to until the fridge etc at low temperatures. 


「Features of Hoshinotsuyu」

"Hoshinotsuyu" is a matcha that has a soft taste and a gentle bitterness. The matcha flavor unique to Hoshinomura is in harmony, and it goes well with Japanese sweets.

In the summer, it can be shaken with a shaker or the like and served as cold matcha.