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Matcha mini shaker

Matcha mini shaker

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★ A tea set that makes it easy to make matcha at home!
It does not fail even for beginners! A tea set that allows you to easily enjoy "a good point" at home!
Patent pending !! The bottom is a washing machine structure that does not get messed up.

[How to use]
● Fill up to 20cc line with water.
● Add 2g of matcha.
● Shake 10 to 20 times.

Matcha mini shaker
It is an item that eliminates consumer sentiment that "Matcha cannot be easily drunk" and "Matcha cannot be given as a gift".
You can easily enjoy matcha beverages that are not available on the market, such as unsweetened matcha latte and soymilk latte with honey, as well as matcha.

■ Production area: Japan
■ Materials / Ingredients: Material Cap: High-density polyethylene
Body: Polypropylene
Heat-resistant temperature: 40 ° C or less (dishwasher cannot be used)
■ Package: Individual packaging

* Caution for use ● Use water below 40 degrees. ● Make sure that the lid is closed properly to prevent scattering. ● If you add matcha first, it will get into the dent on the bottom and become difficult to melt. ● It may be deformed when washed in a dishwasher or hot water.

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