Q and A 

Q. What is the difference between thick tea and thin tea?

A .There are two ways to drink matcha: Thick tea and Thin tea.

The difference between Tick tea and Thin tea lies in the concentration of the matcha and how it is made.
Generally speaking, matcha is Thin tea.

Thin tea is made with about 2 grams of matcha, while Thick tea is made with twice that amount, about 4 grams.

Thin tea can be made with all kinds of matcha,
Thick tea is made only with high-grade matcha for Thick tea.

This is because Thick tea is made using a lot of matcha.
This is because the bitterness will be stronger if high-grade matcha is not used.

  Thick Tea  Thin Tea
 types of matcha All matcha Matcha for thick tea
 how to make make it foamy Kneaded with a tea whisk for thick tea
 amount to use at one time about 4 grams about 2 grams

Q. What is the difference between "Ceremonial grade" and "Culinary grade"?

The difference between "Ceremonial grade" and "Culinary grade" is quality.
"Ceremonial grade" is dissolved directly in hot water to drink, so if the quality is not good, you will feel bitterness.
For this reason, only matcha made with high-quality ingredients and stone mills is categorized as “for tea ceremonies.”
In addition, it cannot be produced in large quantities because it takes time to make with a stone mill.
Only 40-60g of matcha is ground in one stone mill per hour.
For culinary grade, it is possible to produce in large quantities by mixing millstone production and mechanical crushing.
Mechanical crushing has the advantage of being able to produce large quantities, but it has a slightly bitter taste compared to stone milling.

For this reason, using "ceremonial grade" matcha for lattes, cafes, and food will have a higher quality taste than "Culinary grade" matcha.

Among the "Curinaly grade", "MOKUREN" is all made with a stone mill.

Q. I want to try the taste. Do you have samples?

A .We are very sorry, but we do not ship samples.
Please try the taste with a small amount of cans such as 20g cans and 30g cans.