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Sencha tea leaves 100g Yame Hoshino KISARAGI

Sencha tea leaves 100g Yame Hoshino KISARAGI

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- Product name : Sencha Tea Leaves KISARAGI

- Raw materials : Japanese green tea leaves

- Origin : JAPAN

- Expiry date : about 6month

- Manufacturer : HOUKOUEN

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Introduction of "YAME SENCHA KISARAGI" 

The Yame Sencha Tea Kisaragi, hand-picked in Hoshino Village, is a luxurious tea that incorporates the Gyokuro manufacturing technique. This green tea features a delicate balance of sweetness and richness, with a gentle mouthfeel. It has a mild bitterness and provides a satisfying flavor experience.

Furthermore, this sencha tea can be enjoyed even when chilled.

The hand-picked sencha tea from Hoshino Village is perfect for those who seek a luxurious taste. We highly recommend giving it a try! It is sure to satisfy any tea lover.

Characteristics of tea cultivation in Hoshino Village

1. High elevation: Hoshino Village is located in a mountainous region, with a relatively high elevation, creating a cool climate and abundant natural environment. This provides optimal conditions for tea cultivation.

2. Clean water sources: Hoshino Village is abundant in clean water sources, allowing for the use of optimal water for tea cultivation. The clear water has a positive impact on the flavor and quality of the tea.

3. Skilled tea farmers: The tea farmers in Hoshino Village have a long history and experience, utilizing their expertise to cultivate tea. They incorporate not only traditional cultivation methods but also the latest techniques and innovative approaches.

4. Thorough quality management: The tea farmers in Hoshino Village implement strict standards for quality management. From harvesting to processing and storage, they adhere to rigorous criteria and procedures to produce the highest quality tea leaves.

These are the characteristics of tea cultivation in Hoshino Village. Hoshino Village tea is renowned for its high quality and delicious taste, reflecting these distinct features.

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