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Matcha bowl, Kutani ware, flowers

Matcha bowl, Kutani ware, flowers

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■ Product name: Matcha bowl, Kutani ware, flower arrangement
■ Dimensions: Diameter 11.8cm x Height 7.5cm
■ Packing: wooden box

【About Kutani ware】
Kutani ware is a type of porcelain made in the Kutani region of Ishikawa Prefecture, and is characterized by fine patterns and golden color.

It is characterized by vivid colors, bold and elegant patterns, and a technique called overglazing.
A traditional Japanese craft that has been around since the early Edo period, it is now gaining popularity overseas as Japan Kutani.
It is a traditional Japanese craft.

【Cautions when using】
Please do not use except for drinking Matcha.
Detergent can not be used.
Please wash with warm water after use and dry in a well-ventilated place.

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