Organic Matcha powder ceremonial grade Hoshino-Seichaen 40g can

  • $10.00

Many countries want organic matcha.

But organic matcha is usually of lower quality than regular matcha for the same price.This is because organic matcha costs more to grow than regular matcha.

However, this organic matcha from Hoshinoen is characterized by less bitterness than other organic matcha in the same price range.

Manufacturing methods and research make this possible.


♦ product name: Matcha tea powder 「Organic Matcha」
♦ Net weight: 40 g
♦ ingredients: green tea (Japan)
♦ shelf life: unopened at about 6 months
♦ packing: packed in a can

Please save the * open cans to until the fridge etc at low temperatures. 

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